The Many Uses of Chicken Bone Broth

After roasting an organic whole chicken for dinner, we remove all remaining chicken, and throw the carcass in a pot with purified water.  We cover and simmer the bones for 4 hours or longer.  The bone broth is rich in flavor from the roasting seasonings (Himalayan pink salt, sage, pepper, and avocado oil).  We store the broth in a mason jar in the refrigerator for up to a week.  Today, it will be used in a clam chowder recipe.  It has been used in enchiladas, straight when we are ailing from colds, and in stews.  Nothing goes to waste since the whole chicken is being used.

Bone broth contains gelatin, which helps strengthen hair and nails.  It contains chondroitin, and glucosamine.  The broth contains cysteine which is said to help thin mucus in the lungs.  The amino acids arginine, glycine, and proline help with inflammation.  Calcium and magnesium help to strengthen the bones.  You get all this life from a pot full of bones.

*Thanks to Dr. Mercola for the nutritional information.


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