General Overview by Grade Level (Scope and Sequence):

KindergartenLife Science:  Comparing Animals; the Senses; Trees; Wood; Earth Science:  Daily Weather Log.

Comparing Animals Kinder Lab:

First GradeLife Science:  Changes as Animals and Plants Grow; Physical Science:  Comparing and Measuring Using Metric System; Solids, Liquids, Gas (Changes of State in Matter); Earth Science:  Weather and Seasons

Second GradePhysical Science:  Forces, Motion, and Magnets: Gravity, Friction, etc.; Life Science:  Life Cycles of Animals:  Butterfly, Grasshopper, Frog and Mouse;  Soils; Plants:  Seed Cycles, Flowers’ basic parts, Fruits’ basic parts; Earth Science:  Rocks and Minerals and Weathering

Third GradePhysical Science:  Energy Forms:  Chemical, Electrical, Light, Motion, and Thermal; Introduction to Matter through the Periodic Table; Chemical Changes of Matter; Life Science:  Ecosystems-Adaptations; Earth Science:  Solar System

Fourth GradePhysical Science:  Electric Circuits; Earth Science:  Rocks and Minerals

Fifth GradePhysical Science:  Chemical and Physical changes of matter; Magnets and Motors; Earth Science: Stars and Constellations;  Life Science:  Human Body; Use of microscope observing plant and animal cells

Sixth GradeEarth Science:  Landforms; Physical Science: Forces and Energy; Life Science:  Food Chains; Photosynthesis

7th Grade: Life Science:  Cells-Mitosis and Meiosis; Use Microscope and Lab Equipment; Genetics; Adaptations; Scientific Processes: Metric System, Lunar Cycle and Constellations; Chemical Changes; Ecosystems; Human Systems:  Study the 11 Body Systems

8th Grade:  The Periodic Table:  Elements; The Changing Earth-Weathering, Sea Floor Spreading, The Ring of Fire

9th Grade:  Biology

10th Grade:  Health and Nutrition

11th Grade:  Physics/Chemistry

12th Grade:  Physiology/Marine Science