Growing and Cooking Beets

Beets have to be one of the easiest vegetables to grow.  In our climate zone, we can grow them all year, and do.  They sprout easily from seed and are hardy when transplanted.  We grow them in a raised bed in soil that is mostly compost with chicken manure, egg shells, volcanic minerals, and plant compost.  They are currently growing companions with bush green beans, beefsteak tomatoes, cucumbers, and yellow squash.  The birds visit all day to eat any insect growing on the leaves.

We thoroughly wash the beets when harvested, cut the greens (we gave these to our chickens), but they can be eaten, and boil/steam in purified water with skin on until a fork can pierce the outer flesh.  Pour off excess water, cover, and continue to steam and cool.  Use a potato peeler to peel off outer skin and carefully slice before serving.   Beets contain nitrates which some believe may help with blood pressure and even endurance.  It is believed by some that beets may help with inflammation, ward off certain cancers, and detoxify the liver.  The beet is loaded with fiber, minerals, vitamin C, folate, and manganese.  Enjoy this amazing and delicious vegetable with any meal!

*Thanks to Dr. Mercola for the nutritional information.roof and garden 008

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