Helping Children Do Chores

As a mother, I have had many conversations with other moms who discuss their children’s unwillingness to do work around the house or excuse them from chores.  “For each will have to bear his own load.”  (Galations 6:5)  One told me that it was like “death” when work was asked to be done around the house.
For years we have kept a chores list on the refrigerator for check off.  This did not work.  Today, a daily chore list is made and the child is required to check off the duties as they are accomplished.  Both the parents and the child are happy with their progress as the checks accumulate and can be accounted for as the day progresses.  The items on the list include:  brushing teeth, putting away laundry, cleaning up toys, sweeping, taking out recycles, helping with meals, etc.  We have also learned that the parent should not do anything the child can do.  For example, if the child is able to clean up the toys, then they should do it.  This makes everybody’s burden lighter.

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