Logic and Vaccines

Logic is, in a limited sense, a science of the mind.  To the extent an individual is incapable of logical analysis and conclusion, he is to the same extent mindless, that is, he does not use the powers of his mind.” (Teaching the Trivium, Bluedorn)

Schools don’t teach much logic today.  Presently,  people have difficulty “connecting the dots” with knowledge and information.  Have we become “mindless” when it comes to medicating ourselves?  (This blog is meant for educational purposes only and is not meant to be medical advice in any way.)  Recently,  I was looking at the ingredients to the rubella vaccine.  The stuff being directly put into our bodies (and tiny children’s bodies) was appalling:  lung fibroblasts from aborted babies, sorbitol (not recommended for consumption), sodium chloride, fetal bovine serum (collected at the slaughterhouse from baby cows) and other buffer and media ingredients.  I would never eat the stuff in the vaccine, but we inject this stuff straight into our veins. Yuck! It seems like mad science to me.  According to VAERS there are 10 million plus vaccines given to children younger than 12 months old per year.  The vaccine industry makes 24 billion dollars per year.  Recently, I have seen more label readers than ever at Trader Joe’s, Costco, and even the 99 cent store. Why are we not reading the labels on drugs going into our bodies and the bodies of our tiny children?  In 2013, the average American child received 36 vaccines by age 6. In Canada it was 28, the UK 20, France 17, and Iceland 11. American kids are the most vaccinated in the world.  In the past there have been medical mistakes.  Our first president, George Washington, had bloodletting performed on him four times while fighting some sort of respiratory illness.  He died.  In the past cigarettes, DDT, leaded gasoline, and mercury fillings were deemed safe.  Now we have learned otherwise.  Recently, a friend introduced me to homeopathic prophylaxis (a medical science that has been around 300 years) as a way to help prevent childhood illness.  This is something I am seriously learning about as a healthy alternative.






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