Disneyland: Entertaining and Educational

“I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.” Walt Disney

I was blessed to be an employee at Disneyland decades ago when the price was right ($13.00 for a passport) while getting the enjoyment of storytelling on a boat in the canal of Storybookland.  Recently, we visited the park and were delighted to learn that there were educational opportunities everywhere while being entertained.  We particularly enjoyed the Agrifuture in Tomorrowland.  Every plant in that land is suppose to be edible.  While riding Autopia, we noticed wild strawberries, citrus trees of varying varieties, and sage growing along the track.  We also noticed rosemary near Tomorrowland Terrace and Swiss Chard across the way.  It would have been nice to be able to visit a farm to table restaurant in the area or some kind of attraction like that.  We do know that Disney in the past has had special events promoting that concept and has given garden tours around the park.  The foliage in all the lands was particularly amazing.  We really enjoyed the bamboo forest in Adventureland, but all of the living trees and plants were an enjoyable feature at the park.  While waiting in line at Autopia, we liked the Honda robot giving us a geography lesson of California using a map and showing us landmarks in the state on a computer screen.  An employee told us that the Honda cars are gasoline powered.  In the future, it would be nice to see cars that are powered with clean energy.  We learned that the Monorail is the fasted ride in the park at 30 m.p.h.  The engines on Disneyland Railroad are authenitic steam engines that run on biodiesel.  One engine is as old as 1895.  The conductor informed us that the engine powering our train was found on a corn field in Iowa in 1927.  While riding the train, our child learned that it snowed at the Grand Canyon.  We all enjoyed seeing the Indian village and lifestyle while chugging along the backside of the river in Adventureland.  He learned about the Caribbean and the pirates that attacked coastal towns.  We had a unique dining experience at Rose Tavern in Fantasyland where we enjoyed French faire, some rest and relaxation, and explained the history of taverns to our child.  We thoroughly enjoyed the beef poutine (slowed cooked beef in gravy over waffle fries covered in pickled red onions and cheese) and a lemon berry mousse dessert shaped into a rose with delicious filling and some type of crust on the bottom.  It was so tasty, we got a second one.  Our child enjoyed seeing stories like Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh come to life on the rides.   Our day at Disneyland was not only entertaining, but educational.

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