How to Keep Cilantro Fresh-A Farmer’s Advice

There is nothing more disappointing than going to the refrigerator, reaching into the vegetable bin, and pulling out a bag of rotten cilantro that was purchased not more than a week earlier.  A few weeks ago we visited an outstanding farmer’s market-the best we have ever been to.  At one of the stands we purchased, fresh, organic cilantro. (I should have taken a picture, but I will explain in detail how to preserve your herb.)  I must admit, I was a skeptic, but not anymore.  The friendly farmer, after I had paid for my purchase, put my cilantro into a clear plastic bag and put air in it like it was a balloon and tied it off at the end.  She cheerfully, with a big smile, told me it would make my cilantro last longer.  She was right.  I recently used the remainder for some salsa I made with tomatoes just harvested from our garden.  I was regretting going to the refrigerator thinking that it would surely be rotten since it had been 11 days since my purchase.  It was as fresh as the day I bought it.  Not one leaf was rotten.  I had opened the bag a few days after purchasing and used about half for another recipe and resealed the way the farmer told me at the market.  Air in the bag really helps keep cilantro fresh longer!

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