A 2016 Presidential Test Question

Choose one:

A)  Trump

B)  Carson

C)  Cruz

D)  Bernie

E)  None of the above

If you chose (E), explain your answer in short answer form:

None of the above candidates are like Ron Paul who is authentic; he believes what he says.  He consistently supports individual liberty, peace, and prosperity.  We would vote for Ron Paul today if we had the chance.  Do we intend to vote in this election?  Yes, voting is a privilege.

What if we just left the executive branch empty until someone who is qualified runs for election?  Do you think America will still survive as a country?  Probably.  On a much smaller scale, our school sites ran quite well when the principal was off campus.  Individual teachers and staff did a great job “running a tight ship”.  However, leaving the executive branch empty is not going to happen.

Trump is his own man.  He is not a deceitful, arrogant politician.  The man stands up to the media and the political establishment.  He seems to treat his employees well.  Trump has a high standard of excellence, but his staff seems to sincerely enjoy working in his service.  He did not support the Iraq invasion.  He stated that he believes some vaccines may cause harm.  Trump seems to enjoy children.  Our concern is his authenticity since his views have changed over time and his lack of long term consistency.  Cruz is not a man that we “trust”.  His connections to Goldman Sachs are a sincere concern for us.  The man also lacks consistency like Ron Paul since he has changed his views on issues like ethanol in fuel and immigration.  We believe Cruz will give us another Bush presidency.  Carson seems like a nice guy.  He is someone we would probably invite over for dinner.  The man seems the most authentic even though he did lie in his autobiography.  One of our concerns is his view on vaccines.  Since he went through medical school, he was indoctrinated with “Big Pharma’s” propaganda about vaccines.  We hope that he rethinks what he was taught about vaccines and pharmaceuticals.  Bernie is authentically a socialist.  He believes what he says.  However, we wholeheartedly support the free market and capitalism, so he is not our man.

We will vote for the most authentically consistent individual who wants to protect individual liberty.






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