My Best Roasted Turkey

After a decade of using the best recipes for roasted turkey, I finally found one that works for me.  It is my method using advice from skilled culinary experts.  My turkey was an organic pastured turkey from Mary’s farm.  I bought it at a local health food market.  When I woke up I put it on the kitchen counter to bring it up to room temperature.  The giblets and neck were removed and the bird was rinsed thoroughly.  I placed the bird on the roasting pan wire rack inside the pan.  Next, the turkey was patted dry with paper towels.  Using an avocado oil purchased at Costco, I slathered the outer skin of the bird.  I generously salted the skin and cavity with pink Himalayan salt also purchased at Costco.  Ground pepper was used next, but more sparingly.  The cavity was filled with fresh picked rosemary sprigs, thyme sprigs, sage leaves, and parsley leaves from our herb garden.  Rough chopped carrots, celery, onion, and garlic were added next.  One cup of water was poured into the bottom of the roasting pan.  Foil was used to create a “lid” so that the bird was sealed inside the pan.  I baked the turkey at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 41/2 hours since it was a 171/2 pound bird on the second to last oven rack.  During the last 45 minutes I removed the foil for browning.  The thigh temperature was about 165 degrees when finished.  We have never had a more delicious, juicer, or golden brown roasted turkey.

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