Avoiding GMOs, Human Waste, and 2,4-D in our Home Garden

Your food is under attack.  Prairie soil in America is long gone and depleted.  Food is grown and processed with genetically engineered organisms, human waste, and chemicals that were a part of Agent Orange.  I recently bought a bag of organic potting soil that stated, “no human waste added”.  It had the OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) label which added to my confidence that I was purchasing a purer soil.  The obesity epidemic is directly related to the nutritional depletion of food.  The health of Americans has been declining for nearly a century as our farming practices have changed and more chemicals are manufactured and sprayed into the environment.  God provided a garden for man to dwell in from the beginning.  Imagine the soil quality in that garden, the taste of food, and the balance of life cycles.  Our garden is an attempt to recreate that garden.  We use fruit trees of different kinds, chicken manure, and all of our tree trimmings.  We recently asked our neighborhood gardener for unwanted wood chips.  Four bags of leaves cover our soil that would have been trashed by my husband’s custodian.  We are working hard to build up the soil in our tiny garden.  We use companion gardening methods to deter pests.  It works and our garden is being changed into a tiny “garden of Eden”.

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