Honest Doctors Share Their Research About Vaccines

Animals given the same vaccine schedule as children show that brain development is steadily destroyed according to Dr. Blaylock.  Most people who are vaccinated have been affected at some level.  Dr. Humphries questions the safety, effectiveness, and harmlessness of vaccines.  Vaccines continue to be experimental as there have not been studies done to compare vaccinated to unvaccinated people. There is not enough research on vaccines.  In the past, the live polio vaccine spread the disease.  Live vaccines spread the disease they are supposed to stop.  The science in vaccines is very limited.  Vaccines wear out.  Thirty percent of the measles cases at Disneyland had already been vaccinated.  People that have compromised immune systems are not protected from getting sick, even if they are vaccinated.  All future doctors are taught in medical school that vaccines curb diseases like small pox and polio.  “In fact it has never been proven that the smallpox vaccine has been proven effective at all” (http://cure-guide.com/books/the-vaccine-guide/smallpox-vaccine-does-it-work/).  This statement is in response to the fact that cowpox is used to prevent smallpox.  Vaccines contain contaminants that are bacterial and viral.  The viral contaminants are common in vaccines and have the potential to destroy brain cells.  China has now become the leading manufacturer of vaccines.  Do we trust a country with our vaccines when their baby formula was found to contain plastic particles that harmed and killed babies?  The FDA is limited in their oversight of Chinese vaccine manufacturing.  According to Dr. Blaylock, SIDS death follow the DTaP vaccine by 3 weeks of 70 percent of the SIDS cases.  Vaccines can suppress the immune system and increase the risk of other infections or even the disease that is trying to be prevented.  Dr. Blaylock believes that the MMR and Hib vaccines do suppress the immune system.  He believes that there is a strong association with asthma, childhood diseases, autoimmune disorders, and neurological disorders due to vaccines and their additives and ingredients.  Dr. Blaylock stated that diseases from vaccines can persist in the body for a lifetime.  Measles has been found in 20 percent of the brains and 45 percent of other tissues in the elderly.  Because every human is unique genetically, all people should have a right to informed consent.  The government should not put all of us in the same box or mandate vaccines for all children.  The parents who know the medical history of their families should have the right to choose what is best for their children.  Thank you for honest doctors who have shared their research in this article.

Dr. Blaylock  (a doctor who tried to save his parents from Parkinson’s Disease using conventional medicine and failed.  He looked deeper into the root of disease, something he was not taught in medical school.)  http://www.blaylockreport.com/

Dr. Tenpenny    http://drtenpenny.com/

Dr. Humphries (a kidney specialist who noticed her patients having kidney failure after certain vaccinations) http://drsuzanne.net/dr-suzanne-humphries-vaccines-vaccination/

Dr. Bark  http://healthimpactnews.com/2015/dr-toni-bark-m-d-do-not-remove-vaccine-exemptions-some-children-die-from-vaccines/

Barbara Loe Fisher  https://nvicadvocacy.org/members/Home.aspx

Dr. Mercola  http://www.drmercola.com/

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