Recall Legislatures Who Voted for SB277

Legislatures should be recalled for acting unconstitutionally and unethically in their recent votes for SB277.  Their votes put families and parental rights at risk.  It is interesting to note that in 2011, Governor Brown vetoed SB 105, a bill requiring helmets on skiers under 18.  He was quoted as stating, “While I appreciate the value of wearing a ski helmet, I am concerned about the continuing and seemingly inexorable transfer of authority from parents to the state”.   “Not every human problem deserves a law.  Parents have the ability and responsibility to make good choices for their children.”  Injecting medications into children’s bodies is not the state’s decision either.  Why did Brown flip-flop on this?  Could it be that the pharmaceutical companies donated about 2 million dollars to help pass this bill?

California Recall Process from

“Here is a brief overview of the process:

1. A constituent decides they want to pursue a recall effort.

2. They must gather approximately 60 signatures for a “Notice of Intent to Recall”. The signatures must be from registered and verifiable voters in the district.

3. A copy must be served on the lawmaker.

4. The original must be served on the state.

5. The entire document must be advertised in a newspaper in the district (this will cost a lot of money!).

6. The lawmaker has seven days to respond.

7. When the state gives the recall effort the green light, you must prepare a Recall Petition, which must then be approved by the state.

8. Once approved, you have about 160 days to gather the petition signatures.

9. If you are successful, a recall election will be held.

10. Once the election is held, it is then determined if the lawmaker has been recalled or not.”

A little effort goes a long way when there is unity.

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