Extreme Medicine and Your Constitutional Birthright

The Constitution of the United States established in 1789, is a document that gives the greatest amount of human freedom to individuals while playing down government interference to that freedom.  All Americans are guaranteed a right to self-government.  Your freedoms are not to be transferred to others.  Today, the powers of the Constitution are being usurped by various citizens that either have forgotten the laws that protect freedom, or they ignore them.  Every person has a right to bodily integrity.  Laws that diminish or take away the right to informed consent are unconstitutional.  Doctors and legislatures across this country are seeking to remove individual freedoms from making health choices regarding medications that are injected into our bodies.  Today, states are seeking to remove most of the ability to have a medical exemption, a philosophical exemption, and even a religious exemption when seeking an informed decision about whether or not to allow a medication to be administered into children and adults.  Doctors and manufacturers are legally protected if harm is done to any of their patients.  Families of injured patients from using medications are liable for the lifetime care of their loved ones.  While caring for our grandmother with dementia, she required 4 hospitalizations, 2 rehabilitations for broken hips, and medical care for a hand infection.  She was pretty sick for all these events, but the doctors and nurses were faithful to their call and always asked if she wanted her flu shot, pneumococcal shot, and dTap booster shot.  Prior to her decline she made sure to tell us that she had a bad reaction to a flu shot and didn’t want any more of those or further vaccinations.  Certain people like to take extremes.  Laws mandating vaccines for all is an extreme.  The founders of this country had each person in mind–not the masses.  Every person is different genetically, environmentally, in age, and in health.   The government is seeking to take parental choice away from families regarding vaccines.  This is not protecting constitutional freedoms that were intended by our founders.  An example of putting all people in the same box is the public school system.  Even though children learn differently because of their individuality they are all put into the same box of public schooling.  The result has been a disaster.  Likewise, mandating vaccines for all children who desire certain government services is lumping all individuals into the same box.  The government is not considering people’s individuality and wants to group everyone together as if we were clones of each other.  We are not clones, but each one uniquely special.  Doctors and nurses have not received a broad range of unbiased information while being schooled about vaccines.  Stories of vaccine coercion and intimidation from doctors are being told.  If people are not comfortable with a medical procedure they should have the freedom to say no.  If a doctor or nurse is coercing people to get shots they don’t want, then ask them to sign a written guarantee that you are 100% free from any harm being done.  The choice/freedom to receive a medication (vaccine) should be yours and yours alone after informed consent.

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