Educating Legislators About Vaccines and Health Freedom

Something lawmakers should consider while considering to remove  the philosophical exemption from citizens is that parents are in the best position to make decisions that will optimally protect the health and safety of their children.  Vaccines only cover a handful of diseases.  The diseases that are in the vaccine schedule are mutating to form new strains so whooping-cough outbreaks are occurring even in vaccinated individuals.  Every person is unique and will respond differently to vaccine additives like aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury, MSG,  and aborted fetal tissue.  Vaccine immunity is temporary as in the measles shot.  It does not guarantee life long immunity because the immune system is not stimulated to do so.  Additionally, the measles vaccine makes the person contagious and a possible transmitter of the disease.  A contributor to staying healthy is keeping the environment clean, eating good food, and getting outside exercise.

Instead of being influenced by money and the hidden agendas of the pharmaceutical companies, lawmakers should put the families first.  Vaccine inserts should be read.  The vaccine insert for MMR states that Type I Diabetes could result from the injection.  Parents should have a right to say “no” to drugs.  Parents should be allowed to have freedom in making informed decisions regarding their family’s health.

Legislators need a lesson in medical history.  “In the 19th Century, childbirth was associated with a high maternal mortality rate. Dr. Semmelweis proposed that the practice of a doctor washing their hands before delivering a baby reduced the mortality rate by 90%. He published his results. For that crime, Dr. Semmelweis was thrown out the medical society and not allowed to practice medicine again. At that time, most doctors did not believe that washing one’s hands had any benefit. They ridiculed and ignored Semmelweis’ findings. In fact, doctors did not begin to wash their hands before delivering a baby for nearly forty years after Semmelweis’ study was published.  More recently,  the AMA and most doctors said that cigarettes did not cause lung cancer for many years.  Also, doctors said DES was safe to give to pregnant women and now, generations later, children are still being born with birth defects due to DES.”  Dr. Brownstein

On May 1, HR 2232 was introduced to the House by a Florida Congresswoman named Frederica Wilson.  The bill is titled, The Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015.  This bill would mandate that all public school pupils be vaccinated.  My first question is, “Did Wilson received any money from pharmaceutical companies prior to her drafting this bill?”  How many vaccine inserts has she read and has she considered that 2 billion U.S. dollars has been awarded to families of vaccine injured children?  America doesn’t need representatives who will take away our freedom, but those who are willing to stand up for liberty.

Read page 6 of the vaccine insert for the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine:

Click to access mmr_ii_pi.pdf

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