Are You Eating Desiccated Food Sprayed with Glyphosate?

Back in 1993, I had a health crisis.  Friends told me I was too young to be so sick.  I agreed.  I didn’t like what my conventional ear, nose, and throat doctor told me.  He was a doctor with good recommendations.  He told me that I would suffer with chronic sinus infections for the rest of my life.  While listening to a doctor on the radio one morning, I heard him describing my own symptoms.  I gave his office a call.  I have not had one sinus infection since visiting his office.  His office offered natural health care remedies.  I was put through a detox program with saunas, colon cleanses, and nutritional counseling.  A holistic dentist was referred to me who began treating my dental amalgams.  Twenty two years ago I began purchasing mostly organic foods.  Most of my shopping was done at Whole Foods back then, but today there are a multitude of organic options.  Learning never ceases, and yesterday while reading Dr. Mercola’s article, I was horrified to discover the number of crops being desiccated with glyphosate.  Desiccation is the drying out of the plant.  Farmers use it before harvest to encourage the plant to generate more seeds.  I deliberately avoid all GMO foods.  Recently, I purchased some beans and split peas for soup that were not labeled organic.  It is highly possible they were sprayed with glyphosate prior to harvest.  I am tossing them into the trash today.  According to Mercola, here is a list of some foods commonly desiccated prior to harvest:  wheat, barley, flax, lentils, beans, peas, oats, canola, peanuts, sugar cane, and more.  Mercola’s article links glyphosate to kidney, liver, brain, and thyroid troubles.  In addition to this, the villi (tiny finger-like projections in your small intestine that absorb nutrients) get damaged or destroyed decreasing nutrient uptake into your body.  Today, I feel healthier and stronger than ever because I cook most of my food from scratch, grow many organic fruits and vegetables, eat pastured meats, raw milk, and happy chicken eggs.

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