Lobbyists, Bribes, and Power

A “thinking” 16-year-old has designed this app for anyone who would like to see how the lobbyists “buy” votes from Congress.   You will find it here http://allaregreen.us/

You will discover that many are quite covetous and Congress is full of deceitful liars who  take their bribes from lobbyists and get rich while making this country poor.  This can change if people educate themselves and vote for people who are not influenced by lobbyist’s bribes and power.  They would need to do their homework and get to know the candidates who care about the people.  This country is rooted in fair policies.  We can return to them.  William Bradford of Plymouth learned early that “socialism” does not work.  The people were less motivated to work when the produce was shared among the people.  When the rule changed so that people got to keep what they sowed; Bradford observed an amazing event.  He noticed that whole families would go into the fields to work and moms with babies would be in the fields too.  There was real motivation to produce something and it worked.  Production increased and the plantation succeeded while others were failing.  There is liberty when duties are shouldered by individuals.  Each person is responsible for himself.  The government, which is funded from people’s wallets, does not have the duty to provide for individuals from other people’s production.  Each person must do their best to provide for themselves.  If you haven’t seen the movie, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, with James Stewart, consider watching it.  Produced in 1939, it shows the corruption 80 years ago.  The acting is first rate and the story is “All- American”.

While John Adams participated in the First Continental Congress he wrote this to Abigail from Philadelphia on September 8, 1774, “There is in the Congress a Collection of the greatest Men upon this Continent, in Point of Abilities, Virtues and Fortunes.  The Magnanimity, and public Spirit, which I see here, makes me blush for the sordid venal Herd, which I have seen in my own Province.”  My Dearest Friend  (pg. 42)  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to describe our current Congress like this?

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