A Good Math Program: Saxon Math is Comprehensive

While working as a teacher’s aide (and studying to get my credential) in a middle school math class, I was introduced to Saxon Math.  I liked this program because it was comprehensive.  I had never seen a math book quite like this one.  The daily lesson included new math material, but had questions dealing with money, measurement, geometry, time, and problem solving too.  The curriculum was comprehensive and taught math in context.  I believe one reason why students struggle with Math is that the curriculum is compartmentalized and the students do not get to see the context of how Math fits into every day life.  Saxon, beginning with grade 1, introduces the student to problem solving questions that relate to real life.  The program continues to build.  Math facts are introduced in the context of problem solving so the learner has something to connect the math concept to.  As the learner masters the material, new concepts are introduced, while using the concepts from earlier lessons.  Saxon Math spirals the curriculum so that the learner is always using ALL of their mathematical skills while building on new ones.  This program offers complete and tangible lessons that enables students to apply math to their world.

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