Healing Ecosystems Through Permaculture

“It is possible to rehabilitate large-scale damaged ecosystems.”  John D. Liu, Ecologist

In this video Liu demonstrates land healing on the Chinese Plateau.  Liu engineers restoration using earth’s resources the way they were meant to be used.  He takes a stripped and barren plateau and turns it back into a fertile ecosystem.  Liu believes that the cycle of poverty can be broken with ecosystem rehabilitation.  Next generations can have better lives with the cultural changes brought about with fertile land.  Productive land will increase wealth, provide better educational opportunities, and improve health.  The video is long, but worth your time.  For a shortened overview, watch from 26-35 minutes.  You will be encouraged and inspired.  We are beginning to implement more permaculture methods on our little piece of property.  By the way, the soil in our garden is slowly being transformed by using nitrogen rich compost.  We find red worms throughout our garden, instead of gooey black adobe clay.

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