Becoming Independent Thinkers Through Socialization

Socialization is “ the process by which a human being beginning at infancy acquires the habits, beliefs, and accumulated knowledge of society through education and training for adult status.”  Merriam-Webster 

From birth onward, we are influenced by the behaviors of those around us.  Children “parrot” behaviors they observe.  They will imitate cartoon characters, movie action figures, their parents, siblings, and friends.  We learn from those around us.  What exactly do we want our children to learn?  Dr. Raymond Moore, author of 60+ books on human development, believes that parents are the best influence for socialization toward their children.  Kindergarten is filled with weeping children the first week of school while parents are sobbing at the thought of leaving their children in a classroom with a room filled with strangers.  Enjoying children through the developmental process is one of the greatest blessings of parenthood.  Home education makes this possible.  Children separated from home and put in a classroom with kids their own age limits the socialization process by decreasing the variety of interactions.  Instead of learning from different ages and types of people, they conform to their peers.  Some kids are at risk of not discovering their own identities and talents.  They get lost in the crowd.  Parents guide children toward appropriate behavior as situations arise.  Home educated children are usually more comfortable speaking with people of all ages.  They learn to not be afraid of people who are different from them.  This skill will carry them through life and open doors of opportunity.  Children educated at home learn to respect others and themselves.  They will become independent thinkers who are self-directed and not so easily influenced by their peers.   “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”  Mark Twain

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