Gluten Free Crackers That Taste Good

Blue Diamond gluten-free crackers made with sea salt are our favorite cracker. They are similar in snap and texture to the crackers we used to enjoy in our wheat eating days.  The ingredients appear to be G.M.O. free too.  We have tried other Blue Diamond flavored crackers, but some contain soy lecithin.  Another cracker we have enjoyed is made by Orgran.  It is a toasted rice crispibread that is gluten-free.  These crispibread crackers are fluffy, flavorful, and fun to eat.  They are a bit larger than ordinary crackers.  Other good gluten-free crackers that we have liked eating were made by Schar and Back to Nature.  The Glutino crackers that we purchased had good seasoning and flavor, but were dry and a little like card board in our opinion.  However, the Glutino chocolate covered pretzels were the best we have ever tasted!


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