Tea Party Principles

All along the way we have heard people say, ”We need to compromise so we can make progress with our political and social goals”.  Well, what would our founding fathers say about our republic?  I would guess most would advocate that we should follow their intentions set forth in our U.S. Constitution.  To deviate and fall back from those hard-won achievements would dishonor their intentions.  Look at the predicament political compromise has put us in today.  Ask yourself, “What U.S. foreign or domestic policy are you proud of?”  “What department of our government do you think does a good job?”  It is time to vote principles over compromise.  What conservative goals have we attained by using compromise when voting?  Do we enjoy less taxes, war, crime, more healthy food, better education, more freedom, more stable currency with less inflation?  Do other countries “like” us and do we meddle in their political affairs?  Our forefathers would advise us to stick to tried and true principles and vote into office statesmen who return to the private sector when their term is up.  They will say “no” to lobbyists and special interest groups who tempt them with fiat money.  The tea party principles are about genuine liberty and not fake political propaganda.


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