Public School Teachers are Not the Problem

Education is complex and full of variables that affect the outcome.  The system is the problem.  The problem started when “The Father of Public Education”, Horace Mann, gained influence over the American educational system from the Congregational church.  The Congregational church had been governing education for about 200 years.  Horace Mann, a Unitarian lawyer, had a vision to educate children in a non-sectarian classroom.  Hence, the decline of American education.  This was the beginning of secular-humanism, the belief that people can be good citizens without God.  Mann desired to produce a new kind of humanity by using the Prussian (German) education model.  The goal of the Prussian model was to control thoughts through education.  Education has become a system producing workers like a “cog in a wheel”.  Graduates are unable to think creatively or to think about meaningful ideas. The meaningfulness of education has been lost.  The whole person has been neglected.  Individuality has disappeared.  Schools are full of families that are part of a “collective” mindset.  Disrespectful and rebellious children fill the classrooms.  God’s handbook for His creation has been cast outside of our state educational facilities.  No wonder education is a mess in America.  Unless this nation changes its ways and returns to the Congregational ideals to govern American schools, as in the early years of this country, public education will continue to fail.

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