Pure Food: Back to Eden

A bright pink button displayed next to my calendar in the kitchen states, “G.M.O. Free”.  Staying true to this motto, however, is another challenge.  We are surrounded by chemically infused foods.  Most people in my circle believe that if the food is in the store, then it is O.K. to eat.  To accomplish my goal of being G.M.O. free, I must always be ready wherever I go to seek out food purity.  Reading labels for anything processed is a must, and when I don’t I am sorely surprised.  As I continue to read labels, I am discovering that more and more foods are off my list and must be made at home.  For instance, I recently read a label for hummus and discovered that soybean oil/canola oil are one of the main ingredients.  Athenos, however, uses olive oil in their hummus and not a genetically engineered oil.   The gluten-free waffles had G.M.O. ingredients as well.  Using our Rome cast iron waffle maker, we grill delicious waffle varieties at home.  I have even started making my own soy free mayonnaise with great results using my Braun hand-held stick blender.  My mayonnaise thickens up within seconds!  While paging through my Good Housekeeping Cookbook, I found a ravioli recipe.  I made my own raviolis in about an hour.  Growing up, the commercials persuaded me to think that I couldn’t make food on my own.  Over the years, I have realized that food preparation can be quite simple and delicious with a little effort.  It is also fun to create delicious recipes that suits individual palates.  Even though being G.M.O. free is a challenge in today’s society, it is possible and worth the effort.

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