Urban Gardens, Food Addiction, and the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.)

Americans like cheap, good tasting, attractive food.  Advertisers and food producers know this.  Fancy packaging fills the stores with enticing pictures and it works!  Personally, I believe Americans have a food addiction.  I am surrounded by overweight sick people.  It makes me sad as many laugh and scoff at my organic whole food diet.  Some of these people have gotten cancer, dementia, and other uncomfortable chronic conditions.  They trust the food system.  The more I learn about food, the more I am horrified about how non nutritive it really is!  The food we grow in our urban garden always tastes better than even the best organic store/local farm purchased food.  Growing your own food is relatively easy and rewarding.  Lettuce will grow in a large pot.  Green vegetables are loaded with nutrition.  At the next commercial, sprout some food.  We enjoy using chicken manure, our compost (which is really just a pile of our vegetable/garden waste in a remote corner of our yard), and minerals (kelp provides good minerals).   Once you get started, I believe you will spend more time outside in your urban garden.  During WWII, about 40 percent of Americans grew food in their yards.  We sprouted an organic white peach tree from a seed in a purchased fruit, and now have about 30 pounds of peaches a year!  Try avoiding processed food and eat 2 organic fruits and 3 servings of organic vegetables per day.   Throw some spinach or Swiss chard in with your eggs in the morning.  Swiss chard grows very rapidly this time of year.  Keep a fresh prepared salad in your refrigerator in a sealed container.  I prepare mine on Monday and it usually lasts all week.  We try to eat salads at lunch.  A simple dressing made with organic olive oil sprinkled on the salad with some balsamic vinegar adds zesty flavor.  We throw some sunflower seeds on top.  There are many varieties for salads and they don’t need to be complicated.  It isn’t difficult to eat real food from the garden.  Your body will get more of the nutrition it needs and help reduce cravings that lead to food addiction.

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