Salt of the Earth: Sustainable Farming

While in fourth grade, I watched a movie about “advanced” farming technology while HUGE combines were harvesting acres and acres of wheat.  This movie thoroughly impressed me!  The message was that modern-day agriculture was great!  But was it really?  Where is America today?  Our crops are polluted with poison through chemical sprays and our animals are polluted with antibiotics, vaccines, and hormones.  Drive past or around one of these farms and you will smell it and be glad to get away from it.  How sad that farms have turned into cesspools.  This should not be.  Farms should smell good and be happy places for all creatures.  Instead of being sad and disgusting places, farms should be a place of revival and renewal.  Animals can and do heal the land.  Did you know that grass varieties provide natural antibiotics and essential vitamins to pastured animals?  Given the right environment, animals don’t need antibiotics, hormones, and vaccines.  Think about the American prairie 150 years ago.  The grasses were tall, the soil plentiful, and life was abundant.  Why can’t it be this way now?  There are farmers who care and, in a sense, are  “salt of the Earth”.  You may support these innovators with your choice to purchase their “clean” food–even if it costs a little more.  You will benefit and others will too.

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