An Outlier: Avoiding Foods with High Yield, Semi-Dwarf Wheat

About 3 years ago we began to suffer from clicking jaws, plugged ears, and runny noses.  We were taking allergy medicines and Quercetin.  They did help our symptoms, but not the root of our problem.  Last April, we watched a popular video on You-Tube titled Wheat:  The Unhealthy Whole Grain-  Suddenly, a bell went off in our heads.  We began to experiment in our kitchen by eliminating “store-bought wheat”.  Within days our symptoms began to disappear without the use of anti-histamines!  But we enjoy eating grains, so we began visiting every store in town to collect different grain/flour varieties.  We do not have gluten intolerance.  We are allergic to the hybridized modern-day wheat, better known as high yield, semi dwarf wheat, found in most stores and baking products.  We have discovered some ancient grains like Emmer (purchased at Bluebird Grain Farms in Washington), Einkorn (Jovial), and Spelt.  We have bought MANY gluten-free grains as well.  Our energy levels have increased and we feel better.  During this baking season, we are outliers, and working hard to combine flours and grains to make recipes that taste good.

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