Covid-19 Exonerates Cows As GHG Levels Fall

Mooing cows make me smile.  In a green pasture, on a rolling hill, they are a beautiful sight.  My city, a former ranch, recently had cows covering its hills…doing what God created them to do…graze.  New neighborhoods have replaced the place where the cows naturally spent their days.  My grandfather was a farmer…I enjoyed hearing the cow stories when I was young.  I have a cowbell on my desk to this day with the happy memories of those stories and playing in the barn on the farm.  I was told that in the evening, as the sun was setting, the lead cow with the bell would bring the herd back to the barn.  The cowbell would tinkle as it lumbered home.  My grandfather would hear their arrival and be ready for the evening milking.

Seeing cows penned up in corrals with little to no grass is pathetic.  I have read stories and seen it with my own eyes about this unnatural habitat for these animals.  Their diets are not natural and their health declines–necessitating medications.  A cow on a green pasture with a salad bar to eat is a happy animal.  The Earth is happy too.  Everyone benefits from a happy cow in its natural habitat.  Did you know that the green grass provides natural antibiotics and immunity to cows and other grazers.  They also make great fertilizer.  Since Covid-19 spread throughout the earth, a lot of industry has slowed down or ceased.  The GHG (Green House Gases) have declined.  I have enjoyed seeing the green rolling hills with clarity like I have not seen in a long time.  The air is fresh and the stars are clear at night.  The ocean and waterways have purified.  The number of cows has not decreased, and yet, we have experienced a new freshness around Earth.  Cows in their right place, in their natural habitat on a green field are only beneficial animals to everyone-they are not the problem and should be exonerated.


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