Too Many Tomatoes…100 Wonderful Pounds!

2017 august 255


Titanic Tomato in August from Our Garden

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We first started growing tomato plants 18 years ago in large pots on our patio.  The vines would take off for the sky and even then we would say that we had too many tomatoes!  The way the vines grew we would call it our tomato tornado.  Back then, this was our only edible.  Our vines would get attacked by green tomato worms.  After work we would come home and literally hose off our two plants.  It rained green worms!  Our patio would be covered by dozens of crawling ugly green creatures.  After getting our backyard hens and using the Permaculture philosophy, we began to expand our edible garden into the ground.  Our black adobe clay soil was transformed into a worm filled garden delight!  We compost mostly all of our green waste and turn it into gorgeous sweet smelling rich soil.  We have had difficulty with our tomatoes in the past few years with black bottom rot and a limited harvest.  This year we began crunching all of our egg shells and adding it to the base of our tomatoes.  No more bottom rot and an overwhelming harvest.  We have so many edibles now that the birds visit and eat all of our tomato worms…leaving the fruit (botanically tomatoes are classified as berries) for us.  It is a delight just to sit on the patio in the cool of the day and watch the amazing abundance of life in our small garden.

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