Food and Nutrition Indoctrination: A Solution

My husband, an educator who believes food to be God’s gift to mankind for medicine, was teaching from a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) book recently.  This is what it said:

Agriculture and the Farm:  Biotechnology companies are working on genetically-modified (GM) food that have genes from other species inserted into them.  The inserted genes help the plant do something the scientist wants.  It may help the plant fight disease or be unharmed by a chemical.  There is a GM corn that has a gene from a bacterium inserted into it.  The bacterium makes a natural pesticide.  When a pesky corn borer insect munches on the GM corn, the bug gets a hole in its gut and dies.

If the students are thinking critically, they would become alarmed when they read that a “bug gets a hole in its gut and dies”.  What happens to kids and adults that eat that corn?  Why is there so much cancer today?  A neighbor stopped by the other day to tell me that two of his friends had fought cancer for many years and recently died.  Another friend, who recently had a fist sized tumor removed from his lung, told me that 1 out of two people will get cancer. This information is alarming.

Who wants to eat foods that were not originally created to be eaten?  The body is extremely complex.  It is selective in its processes as a form of protection.  Food with altered genetics are not “natural”.  Their proteins have been altered.  They are also being sprayed with toxic chemicals.  The soil is being harmed, the air is being harmed, and the water run off is being harmed.  When genetically engineered food was first being put out on the market for human consumption around 1995, there was an ethical debate.  Do we provide food that we know is less nutritive, but feels good in the stomach to feed the hungry?  The debate went back and forth, but in the end the conclusion was that it was better to provide less nutritive food.  Here is an idea, why not teach people how to grow their own food with good soil, using companion gardening methods, and heirloom seeds?  As a back yard gardener for 15 years, it is amazing how much food comes from a tiny area if the soil is heatlthy.  All of the humanitarian groups and Christian groups out there should be teaching the impoverished how to grow healthy food.  The benefits are endless.  Everyone will be working, they will continue to learn a skill, they can market their goods, they will be healthier, and the whole community benefits.

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