Teaching Biblical Morals by Studying Calvin’s Institutes

Many churches today are “out to lunch”.  I do not blame people for not wanting to attend.  As a person who left the “Catholic” belief for the true holy Catholic church 30 years ago, I began a journey through a literal war zone of false doctrines.  My journey began by listening to Christian radio ministries because I was eager to learn the truth.  I quickly realized that popular ministers lacked sound doctrine and sanctification in the truth.  Ministers must learn to be Christians first before standing behind a pulpit.  Just because they graduate from seminary with a degree, does not qualify them to be pastors.  Their theology was askew to say the least.  My listening time was quickly diminished to two radio programs and eventually one by RC Sproul.  Even so, over these 30 years I have been challenged and distracted by ministers who very persuasively taught their understanding of Scripture and, me, naively trusted their teaching.  I wished that I had been more of a Berean (Acts 17:11).  Today, my family is listening to Calvin’s Institutes taught by Greg L. Bahnsen.


I sighed last night when going to bed while telling my husband that I wish I had started my Christian faith by studying Calvin’s Institutes.  I am also simultaneously studying Confessions by Augustine.  What a wonderfully rich book.  “Friendship…is born at the moment one man says to another “What!  You too?  I thought that no one but myself…” (CS Lewis)  Finally, a third book, that our school is enjoying during read aloud time is Pilgrim’s Progress by Bunyan.   We have hit a “home run” during this time of study and learning about Christianity and the church.


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2 Responses to Teaching Biblical Morals by Studying Calvin’s Institutes

  1. Alex Soto says:

    I’ve said the same thing several times (“I wish I had ran into Calvin when I was 14”). I’ve listened through those Bahnsen tapes about 20 times. In the beginning of those tapes Bahnsen makes the claim that if you read through Calvin’s _Institutes_ and listen to his commentary tapes on Calvin you will be 10 years further in your understanding of Scripture than the average pastor. I have found that claim to be true.

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