Education and Freedom Philosophy

It’s that time of year again!  School, a place where ideas are passed on to the next generation.  Parents, who have the authority over their children, willingly send their children to public school institutions where a few government employees determine the  curricula for about 1.3 million students.  All must conform to the system even if every person is individually different.  Ron Paul published a book a few years ago titled, The School Revolution.  This book is easy to read and well worth your time if you are looking for educational alternatives.

Ron Paul believes that “the most meaningful way to improve the world is to free up the creativity of individuals” in contrast to conformity and centralization of public education.  He further states that self government is the foundation of liberty.  He believes that the bottom line of leadership is self government and self mobilization.  He additionally believes that self improvement and discipline, as well as, self government will transform culture.  His philosophy for education is that self government must be its foundation and that students should be disciplined and motivated “to learn the techniques of research, analysis, writing, and public speaking.”  Education should be an enjoyable process where each child is addressed as an individual and not as a clone.  Home education enables this to happen.  Your child will be “happy and normal”.


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