An “Olympic” Breakfast

While enjoying the many Olympic events in Rio, we cooked up this amazing breakfast.  It started with an Amish Harvest Grain Belgian waffle grilled on our *Rome cast iron waffle maker.  Home made lemon curd was slathered on next. Our lemon curd recipe came from All Recipes: .  A tip to cooking the lemon curd is to start with cold lemon juice or use a double boiler so that the eggs don’t cook while making the custard.  Then came the “red, white, and blue” organic bananas, strawberries, and blueberries.  Yum!

*If you decide to use a Rome waffle maker (purchased on Amazon), make sure that it is well seasoned before cooking on it.  We spray it with coconut oil prior to every waffle.  Additionally, we have discovered that the waffles cook best when the grill is very hot so the waffles must be watched closely.  The recipe we used for the Belgian waffles came in the Rome waffle maker package.plumria 001

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