What are you Growing in your Winter Garden?

We are growing beets, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, broccoli, multiple varieties of lettuce, rhubarb, celery, parsley, carnival carrots, and Swiss chard.  We are also planning to plant onion and Allstar strawberries.

We began sprouting in September.  Some of the sprouts (beets, lettuce, carrots, and cauliflower were transplanted into “mommy’s garden in early October.  Within 24 hours they had vanished.  Those little roly poly (pill bugs) ate them all.  We are starting to sprout from square one again in October.  Our plan is to build foil tents around each sprout to prevent them from being eaten.

Our soil in the entire yard is being prepared for spring planting.  Currently, we have cardboard lying on top of the soil.  We have spread leaves and straw on top of the cardboard.  We plan to add manure and compost topped with wood chips.  Our “lower 40” is littered with branches from fruit tree pruning using the permaculture philosophy of “chop and drop”.  We have also used top soil in the past with excellent results.

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