Recovery from a Public Education

After decades of experience of working in the public school educational system, we have concluded that the typical public school student has missed a myriad of valuable informative topics.  Today, students learn a lot of information with missing substantive value.  Shortly after entering this Prussian modeled institution, joy for learning and natural curiosity for creation are quickly smothered.  Recent studies are proving that sitting in a chair for 6 hours a day is not beneficial health-wise.  After years of value based education, bullying continues on playgrounds and in the hallways.  The moral decline of our society can be attributed to families’ neglect of a good education for their children.  It is the parent’s responsibility to remain actively engaged in their children’s learning.  Year after year, these young minds are fed many false presuppositions.  For example, early education models in our country were centered around the family with the church enabling children to understand who the creator and king of the universe was.  They learned multiple languages, reading from the Bible, composed writing that was meaningful, and valued hard, good work.  Today, classrooms are filled with the philosophy that the government will take care of everyone’s needs and people are entitled to that help.  The constitutional philosophy of working hard, persevering, and being individually responsible for one’s life and decisions are ideas of the past.

These days students are taught to look to government instead of Christ for life’s answers and needs.  Problems like gum chewing and too much talking in class have morphed into drug abuse, sex abuse, loss of gender identity, and mass confusion.  By making their own standards and turning from God’s standards, order has turned into chaos.  Details about history are skewed in the government’s favor.  In fact, students don’t learn much real history at all any more in the public school.  The philosophical work ethic is based based on humanism instead of truth.  The science curriculum is founded on the emptiness of evolution instead of the fullness of God’s creation.  Grammar is taught without context. Language and literature are full of fluffy and meaningless fiction filled stories. Government is taught to be god.  To rehabilitate this “empty set of education” we need to supply what is missing: Truth.  History should be honestly taught in light of Christ’s purposes.  The philosophy of work should be based on biblical principles.  Science should be taught with the understanding that God is the creator and designer of all things, including knowledge.  (Anything true taught in the public school comes from God).  Math programs exclude logic and are taught without a growing foundation of number patterns and methods of practical applications to the real world.  Now with Common Core, math has become even more illogical and difficult to understand, when it really is very understandable when taught with a foundation of logic like in the Saxon Math program. Instead of government usurping God’s authority, it is meant to be a servant of God (Romans 13).  To satisfy these required topics in the present age education must be done with close parental monitoring in preferably a home guided education.  It is worth the effort and is the student’s only hope. Corrupted minds need to be renewed with truth.

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