Blind Representatives and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Local control is best for transparency.  Clear communication is best to help retain liberty and peace.  This week a freshman Congresswoman, Mimi Walters, disclosed that she is for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) even though she hasn’t read the pages inside the trade deal.  This is analogous to signing mortgage papers without knowing what you have signed up for.  What is worse is that representatives like Walters affect the lives of millions of people based on their decisions.  Wouldn’t it be wise for her to read what is inside before she votes?  Does she have any concern for her constituents?  The problem is that it is not only Representative Walters who wants to vote without reading the contents.  There are a host of other representatives as well.  Additionally, the American people and other countries have no idea how this partnership will influence their ability to conduct business and acquire goods.  Could this partnership be a power grab for major corporations?  This partnership will affect not only Americans, but 11 other countries (Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam).  Will international laws overrule the national laws of these nations?  People should be very concerned about this agreement because it sounds huge.  What about the laws in countries that prohibit genetically engineered foods?  How will this affect the farmers and biodiversity?  Further, I am wondering why are we in such a hurry to pass a partnership like this which could have many ramifications on millions (billions?) of people.   Big decisions take time to make and there should not be a rush to pass a plan without getting wise advice from reputable council.  We need wise leadership that cares about people.  Not blind ones who act like fools.

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