Senator Pan Gets an “F” in Ethics and an “A” in Venture Socialism

Instead of supporting the parents (citizens and taxpayers who pay Pan’s salary), Pan has gone to “the dark side”, and supports the businesses that fund his campaign.  AB 277 passed the Education Committee on Wednesday after 700 parents showed up the week before voicing concerns about losing their rights for vaccine choice.  Pan used loop holes in the system to change out Senators on the committee and arranged a closed vote where citizens were not aloud to speak at the meeting.  He received his advice from lobbyists from the California Medical Association who seek to further vaccinate the general public.  Senator Pan received $1000.00 from Merck in the 2010 election cycle.  He was donated $1900.00 from Pfizer,  got money from GlaxoSmithKline, and other medical corporations for a recent total of $95,000.  All this brouhaha over 50 measles cases at Disneyland earlier this year.  No one died!  What is ironic, is that a recently vaccinated measles person could have spread the measles!  If Pan really cared, he would be concerned about the “superbugs” that kill an average of 15,000 people a year due to drug resistance.  Where is the public outcry over antibiotic overuse and misuse?  Parents have the right to protect their children.  I continue to pray that AB277 will not pass and legislators will wake up to the deception of Pan, the California Medical Association, and Vaccine Manufacturers.  These people are protected from vaccine injury and death.  Throughout history parents have protected their children from evil laws.  In Hebrews 11:23 the parents are commended for hiding their baby from Pharaoh and not throwing him into the Nile.  “By faith Moses, when he was born, was hidden for three months by his parents, because they saw that the child was beautiful, and they were not afraid of the king’s edict.”  Most families in California do vaccinate (about 95 percent).  Parents who choose not to, should be able to retain their freedom for that choice and be given free access to public services that are paid for with their money.  Parents, by God’s authority, are given the right to make informed decisions regarding their child’s health and welfare.

*Senator Joel Anderson supports parental rights and is voting “no” on AB277.

**Senator Patricia Bates responded in an email stating that she supported eliminating the philosophical exemption for parents, but voted “no” on May 14, 2105-against AB277 supporting parental rights and religious freedom.  Thank you Senator Bates!

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