Hope for the Autistic, AB277, and Informed Consent

All people have a right to protect their bodies.  Parents have the God-given right to protect their children from all harm.  Last Wednesday, April 15th, parents filled the halls of Sacramento to voice their concerns over AB277.  Their voices were heard and the meeting was shut down.  The committee vote that was to happen on that day never did.  Vaccines are pharmaceuticals.  The Nuremberg Code of 1947 legalized informed consent.  All people have a right to informed consent before a pharmaceutical is put into their body.  AB277 is a direct violation of people’s rights.  This information is not reported in the main stream media, newspapers, and magazines because the pharmaceutical companies pay for advertising in those news outlets.  The news given to the general public is unbalanced, in favor of the benefits of vaccines.  There is much more research that needs to be done concerning vaccine safety.  In the last year, Dr. William Thompson, a CDC scientist, revealed that data had been concealed over a 13 year period that showed an increased risk of autism in certain individuals when given the MMR vaccine.  If vaccines are safe, then why has over 2 billion dollars been awarded to families for vaccine injuries from the United States government?  This is using taxpayers’ money!  The sad part of the story is that the money does not reverse the damage done to the children and families.  Autistic children are prisoners in their own bodies.  Tomorrow in Austin, TX, there is a Give Autism a Chance Summit http://www.austinautismsociety.org/event/give-autism-a-chance-summit-2015/.  The point of the conference is “to meet real people with real solutions”, Dr. Wakefield.  Dr. Wakefield and others believe that autism is a physical illness treatable with nutritional therapy and diet, supplements, and behavioral interventions.  Having cared for someone with Dementia and being nutritionally depleted myself after a pregnancy, I wholeheartedly believe there is hope for autistic children.

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