Parental Rights, Senate Bill 277, Philosophical Exemptions…Follow the Money

A cute 7-year-old leukemia survivor, Rhett Krawitt, has done a commercial to persuade people to get their measles vaccine.  He is actually asking that people’s rights be taken away.  *Unfortunately, the commercial did not reveal that his grandpa Krawitt is linked to the vaccine company GlaxoSmithKline, manufacturer of the MMR vaccine.  Additionally, Rhett’s parents didn’t disclose that immunocompromised people should avoid citizens who have been sick or received the live vaccine of chicken pox, measles, rubella, polio, or small pox, or the internasal flu spray.  Why?  Because they are possibly contagious and can make other people sick.  A Senator in California, Dr. Richard Pan, Pediatrician, has introduced Bill 277 to remove parent’s personal belief exemption and possibly their religious exemption when deciding whether or not to inject a substance into their child’s body.  Dr. Pan was most likely educated at a medical school that taught basic vaccine theory.  Personally, I don’t believe all doctors have extensive knowledge about vaccines.  Also consider how much revenue vaccines make for the medical industry.  Senator Pan has taken money from vaccine companies (Merck, GlaxoSmithKline).  This is reminiscent of Governor Perry’s Gardasil vaccine mandate in Texas who also had ties to the vaccine industry.  This should disqualify Senator Pan from drafting Bill 277 and voting.  He has a major conflict of interest.  Bill 277 is unconstitutional based on the 4th and 9th amendments.  People have a right to their own bodies and it is the parent’s duty to protect their God-given children.  Parents should be able to make free and informed decisions regarding their family’s health.  A just law and Senator would do everything in their power to protect parent’s rights, not take them away.



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