Frustrated Teachers and Students in the Public Schools

“Where did the American public school educational system come from?”, asked a credentialed teacher.  Another credentialed teacher responded, “Prussia”.  “Where is Prussia?”  “It is modern day Germany.”  The reason the teacher asked was because of her frustration with her first grade classroom.  The Puritans started an educational system for the first 200 years of this country.  The learning was mainly the function of the family, church, and having the children educated in mixed groups.  Along came Horace Mann, “the Father of the American public school”.  Mann started the nonsectarian “common school”.  He visited Prussia to observe their compulsory school system.  The Prussian model used indoctrination to bring about social obedience to its citizens.  The curriculum would focus on the “State”.  The Prussian model requires mandatory education for all with unnatural single grade levels, a national curriculum, and trained teachers.  That model followed him back to America.  Mann believed that the public school would be the “great equalizer” and reduce crime.  Although Mann believed that students were to be taught morals from the Bible, he would exchange the formerly taught biblical focus of the curriculum for a European humanistic philosophy.  Did it work?  One hundred fifty years later, has crime been reduced in society?  Fifty years ago, the major problems in classrooms were gum chewing and too much talking.  We all know the problems today are much more severe. While working in the public school, the phrase, “separation of church and state” would come up every year.  My educated co-workers did not understand what this statement meant in reference to the United States Constitution.  The First Amendment of the Constitution states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”.  The Founders were descendants of England.  In the past, the State determined the national church.  This was written in the Constitution to protect religious freedom from the federal government determining what church to join.  “Separation of church and state” is not a part of the Constitution.  The First Amendment is not a separation of God and the State as many believe.  It was not written to protect the State from the church.  Biblically, the State and the church work together.  Recently, in the news, a group of public school students who attend Pine Creek High School in Colorado Springs were told they could not meet on campus to pray, talk about church, and bring their Bibles.  Their liberty is being trampled by an unconstitutional phrase that does not exist.  Horace Mann brought secular humanism to the schools, but all “true” knowledge originates with God.  Even in the public school you can’t get away from truth.  Science is studying creation, Math is an ordered and patterned number system designed by God, History is “His story”, and all language was authored by Him.  States have their agendas for their people, but God has His agenda that overrules all.  The public schools are full of secular humanistic ideas.  They destroy young children’s inquisitive and creative minds-especially boys.

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