Proof that Nutrition and Exercise Increase Intelligence

The school was in chaos.  A new principal with a holistic philosophy toward education facilitated the radical turn around in the school’s environment.  Anthony Elementary in Leavenworth, Kansas was a failing school where bullies ruled during recess and lunch.  Test scores were low and the staff turnover was high.  Once failing and miserable, the students’ lives made a 180 degree turn with a few simple changes.  The new philosophy brought order, discipline, and respect.  Children began to learn.  Students would bring their own water bottles, nutrition and exercise programs were incorporated.  The program motto was, “eat, exercise, and excel”.  It worked!  Test scores rose from 56% to 84% in reading and 46% to 82% in math.  Everyone is happier.  To see the six minute video, click on the link below.

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