Vegetables, Vitamins, and Vitality

Eating good food is important.  People put great effort into making money, planning vacations, accumulating stuff, and investing in good relationships,  but what about what goes into their bodies?  I am, almost daily, appalled by what people around me eat.  Then I think, “No wonder there is an epidemic with cancer, heart disease, and dementia…”  It takes effort and planning to eat well, but it is worth the time.  Health is valuable!  In order to be healthy one must make an investment into their bodies.  Researchers from  University College London recently published amazing results from a study citing that “eating 7 fruits and vegetables or more per day reduces your risk of death at any point in time by 42 percent compared to eating none.”  This is a worthwhile investment that everyone can benefit from!  Personally, I choose organic or grow my own.  Nothing tastes better than homegrown produce!  Having a home garden has enhanced our lifestyles–we get more exercise, delicious food, a nice place to visit, entertain and educate our neighbors, sunshine, and lots of wildlife visitations.  Years ago, while teaching nutrition curriculum I discovered that most vitamins are stored in vegetables.  This was a revelation to me.  Since then, I not only educate my students and those around me about nutrition, but take eating my vegetables very seriously.  We keep a fresh salad in an airtight container all week so it is readily available.  Summer is a great time to enjoy fresh farm produce.  Happy eating!

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