The Legacy of One Woman-Celebrating Mother’s Day

On Monday, March 31, 2014, our Granny soared away to heaven during her afternoon nap.  She was a legacy to us, yet few people knew her.  Having grown up on a dairy farm in New York, she learned the value of hard work early in life.  She never wanted to be a burden to anyone and was very generous.  She fiercely loved “family” and dedicated her life to raising her children and grandchildren.  Granny taught us 3 important lessons in life.  First, to persevere when wanting to accomplish a goal.  Her motto was, “Do a little at a time, and eventually your goal will be accomplished.”  Second, she taught us the value of patience, saving money, and purchasing quality instead of something “cheap”.  Finally, she helped us learn to enjoy the simple things in life, like placing a rose from the garden in a bud vase next to the kitchen sink.  We are thankful for the 95 years of our Granny and the memories we have of her life as a mother.

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