School Lunches are Gross!

Trays of unidentifiable food would fill my classroom on rainy days.  The chicken nuggets and fries were morphed into one blob of mush.  The pizza actually looked plastic.  The breakfasts consisted of colored cereals and pasteurized low-fat milk in plastic.  The school lunches were microwaved in plastic prior to serving.  Many children were on the free and reduced lunch program at our school.  This was unfortunately the main diet of about 6oo children.  They weren’t getting much nutrition, but a lot of wheat, GMO corn, soy, and canola in addition to weird food additives.  The food we eat is meant to nourish the body so that we have the energy to function.  How nutritious are school lunches?  French fries are considered vegetables.  No wonder we have so many behavioral problems today!  Have you ever eaten lunch with your child/children at school?  You will be grossed out.  I never touched or ate any school lunch.  It shocked me when other teachers did because they knew better.  I would pack my own lunch with fresh fruits and vegetables.  While on an assigned lunch duty, it would sadden me to watch the horrible food being consumed and the apples, pears, carrots, and celery ending up in the trash.  Trash cans were full of wasted food.  It was truly sickening and nothing like the days when I attended school.  At my school, we had lunch boxes packed with balanced nutrition prepared by our parents.  Lunch was like a picnic and we would calmly eat outside with our friends perhaps trading goodies.  I do know a few parents who care enough to pack healthy lunches for their kids or even deliver a hot, fresh meal to their children every day at school.  Preparing a meal takes time, but it is worth it in the long run.  “You can pay the farmer now, or pay the doctor later”.  Unfortunately, unless changes are made, a lot of children in this generation will be paying the doctor later.

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