Global Warming…Or Is It Cooling?

Last May 2013, I was tutoring a student in 6th grade earth science.  His text book spoke with concrete facts about the problems caused by global warming.  As a science teacher, I had a real problem with those statements.  I brought in a current event for our study from our local newspaper.  It detailed the global cooling.  One of our neighbors, who currently lives in New Zealand, informed us that he was freezing down there because of the huge ice flows in the Antarctic.  After doing more research we have learned that both poles are overflowing with ice this year.  Personally, I was never alarmed by global warming.  As a science enthusiast, I understand that the earth does go through solar cycles, and in the end the temperatures average out.  Even back in Laura Ingalls’ days (1874-1876), while living in Minnesota, she wrote about “grasshopper weather”.  These were unusually warm seasons when there should have been snow.  There wasn’t snow, but clouds of grasshoppers devouring wheat crops.  Check out Apologia science books for more accurate scientific facts.

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