A Conversation at Trader Joe’s Check Out About Global Warming

Since I am a regular shopper at T.J.’s, I know most of the employees very well.  One evening, a checker expressed to me her concern for global warming.  She asked me if I am concerned.  My response was, “No.”  She knows I am a teacher, so in a few minutes I began to educate her as to why I am not afraid.  We, of course, talked about the rain forest and the deforestation occurring there.  We agreed that ripping up a forest without replacing trees is destructive and irresponsible.  In a few minutes I informed her about phytoplankton.  Phytoplankton are a single-celled plant like organism that lives in our oceans.  It takes in carbon dioxide with light energy and releases oxygen through the process of photosynthesis.  This amazing tiny creature helps to keep our atmosphere balanced.  In fact, some scientists believe that up to 50 percent of Earth’s oxygen comes from this source!  By the time I had my receipt, she told me that I had made her feel much better and that it didn’t bother her anymore.

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