Where Does Your Food Come From?

Food brings people together.  In the tradition of Thanksgiving celebration, many people will be connecting with family and loved ones today to enjoy a food feast.  Food is a large part of our lives.  It involves planning, choosing, gathering, ordering, preparing and joyously eating.  Many people believe that food comes from a grocery store.  While watching my food items pass across the scanner at Ralph’s supermarket, I was awakened to what I was eating and actually appalled.  Most of the food I ate was processed and in cans.  This was the beginning of a food revolution in my life.  Desiring to provide real food (organic and whole) for myself and others, I enrolled in cooking classes and food groups to learn more about healthy eating.  This was more than two decades ago.  I continue to learn information that was never taught in any of my schools.  Talking to local moms in their garages has made me realize how little I know about nutrition and health–and how much more I can learn!  Joel Salatin, a sustainable farmer, believes that food should be aesthetically and aromatically pleasing.  In other words, farms shouldn’t stink!  Food is produced for you.  The Pilgrims understood this and appreciated it–they knew starvation and plenty while living off the land.  About 180 synthetic chemicals are used to make processed foods.  Check this out:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_2769427765&feature=iv&src_vid=jnN3ABP5XQ4&v=cp57zndbeFw  .How many of these are Americans eating today?  It is time that we reconnect to the land and think about what is best for everything growing and living.  I believe we would all be happier, healthier, and more thankful for the glorious food on our tables.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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