One Generation: Autism, Epilepsy, S.I.D.S., and Ruined Lives

One generation ago, I lived on a long suburban street with lots of happy, healthy children.  Kids from the entire block would get together to play baseball games, take long bike rides, run relay races, play Red Rover and Hide Go Seek, do gymnastics on the front lawn and more.  It amazes me and others how times have changed so quickly.  I truly cannot remember one child who had asthma, epilepsy, or autism.  I never heard of a child dying from S.I.D.S.  Today, I live on a much shorter suburban street, but things are different.  On my tiny street there have been 2 known cases of S.I.D.S. and another young baby’s death.  There have been 3 cases of epilepsy or seizures.  My neighbor’s beautiful son has been diagnosed with autism!  There are other chronic illnesses as well.  So, what is going on?  While purchasing some flowers for my ailing grandmother in a local flower shop, somehow this topic came up.  Vaccines came up as possibly one of the reasons for this change.  Another idea that was presented from one of the customers was the food that we eat.  Chemicals around us may be a contributing factor.  In the United States alone there are about 84,000 chemicals manufactured that are legal for business.  According to the Environmental Working Group there have been 287 chemicals discovered in umbilical cord blood.  The owner of the shop became a part of our discussion too.  We agreed that the change was probably due to a combination of the above factors.  Out of curiosity, I looked up some vaccine statistics.  This is how things have changed.  Today, children get 69 doses of 17 vaccines.  In 2012 children received 49 doses of 14 vaccines.  Thirty years ago, children were given 23 doses of 7 vaccines.  In 2012, one in 50 children were diagnosed with autism.  About 10 years earlier, one in 150 children were autistic.  Farther back in 1992, one in 500 were diagnosed as autistic.  And thirty years ago, it was one in 10,000. When I was in college, I took an Abnormal Psychology course.  I remember watching a video about autistic children.  I had never seen that kind of behavior and it made me very sad to see a child suffering like that.   Today, I know of 6 boys and 1 girl with autism and have heard from others about people they know with young children with autism.  Even my dentist expressed his concern about “losing our boys to autism”.  A public school teacher of a friend of ours resigned from being a pediatrician because she was deeply disturbed by the number of children (her patients) getting autism and other serious disorders.  (Some of my friends have used the GAPS diet to help their autistic children with some success.)  So why are things so different in one generation?  I believe our small group discussion in my local flower shop answered the question. “In our society today, newborns are injected with loads of chemicals nearly as soon as they enter the world,” Elizabeth Renter reported. “In the name of ‘prevention,’ we give them vaccines that we aren’t even sure are safe.” “We deeply regret consenting to the Gardasil vaccine. We had no idea of the severe side effects some experience post vaccine. Every day, we wish we had been more informed. Parents beware of blindly following your doctor’s recommended vaccine schedule. Do not rely or expect your doctor to know everything. You must do your own research and ask plenty of questions. Our family found out the hard way that it is possible for a vaccine to have lasting and devastating effects.”(By Kim Robinson, originally published at

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