Life Long Learning

Learning is an adventure, and those who have chosen the life long road to discovery are enjoying the taste of the journey.  How sad that 70 percent of American high school graduates will never read a book cover to cover after they graduate!  Is this how our current educational system instills a joy for learning?  Education should be individualized and personal.  Every person is a unique human being given their own set of talents to serve in this world.  All people have a place and a purpose.  An educational system as large as America’s cannot meet the needs of all its learners.  As an educator, it was my goal to try  to do this.  It exhausted me and burned me out.  With smaller class sizes (20 or under) meeting student’s needs was more possible.  In 2004 my class size nearly doubled to 32.  Sometimes, I would have up to 38 kids in my class!  This became a classroom management challenge and seemed like more maintenance than education!  With Common Core being implemented in many states, education will become less personalized and more of a “one size fits all” package.  This will cause even more children to lose their spark for discovery.  Learning should be fun and enjoyable.  I believe it can be when it is personally tailored for each individual learner.

“The longest life is not long enough in which to learn even very simple and common things.”  Christian Liberty Nature Reader

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