Food Economics

Food choices are made every day by most people in the United States.  We have the freedom to choose what we want to eat.  Finding life-giving food is difficult, but it is available.  It must be sought like a hidden treasure.  Eating food from our back yard garden has brought whole, new, and delicious flavors to our plates.  While watching Food, Inc. a few years ago, a family in the movie was trying to justify their poor choice of having to eat at Burger King. The father had diabetes and one of their daughters was in danger of becoming diabetic.  Yet, the parents ate at Burger King and passed the bagged food to their daughters in the back seat.  They claimed they were too busy and, in a sense, too poor to prepare and serve healthy food to their family.  I understand that people get busy and tired.  However, I believe it is important to have priorities.   Making the right changes/choices are important!  Not long ago, I was shopping at Sprout’s for some healthy food.  The woman in front of me at the checkout had a shopping cart full of produce.  I was amazed when her bill came to only $12.00.  She left the store with two FULL bags of life-giving food.  I remembered that family eating fast food in Food, Inc. for about $12.00.  That was for ONE meal!  The woman in front of me probably ate for a week!  We all make choices.  We are personally responsible for them.  October is G.M.O. awareness month.  May we all become more aware and “responsible” for our health and the health of others.

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