You Can Home School

Do you want to home school your child/children?  There has never been a better time to do so.  Home education has many benefits.  With the computer technology available to you and networks of home school families, you have a wealth of support.  One of the many advantages is that you may spend more of the day with your child.  You can give them direct socialization by being available to answer questions that arise during the day and gently guide them toward right living.  In large classrooms, socialization is more indirect in that your child/children are more influenced by their peers than adults.  This is sad, but true.  You have the freedom to choose the curriculum you like.  If you prefer to choose an on-line program, there are outstanding plans available.  Ron Paul has started a home school curriculum and Robinson has a program as well. If you would like to participate in a group, then check out Classical Conversations  You can educate your whole child.  In addition to seat work,  this may involve cooking with you in the kitchen, gardening and growing healthy food, visiting the library, doing chores, going on field trips to interesting places, visiting the local farm, participating in sports programs, shopping with you and applying Math, Health, Reading, and Economics.  Home schooling offers flexibility.  Scheduling and goal setting are important, but unexpected events do occur in our busy days. If an event arises, you as the parent are available to deal with the situation.   When the situation has been resolved, you can return to your schedule and meet your educational goals.  You get to study subjects thoroughly on your time schedule without interruption from bell schedules.  Subjects can be studied in-depth.  Most textbooks are limited and often superficial in their subject matter.  You can gather all the resources you like to thoroughly research and learn about concepts.  Perhaps, more importantly, you may teach your child the truth about our world without hidden agendas.  Your child will be happy to learn in a comfortable and familiar setting.  Room environment is important, so make your place of learning cheerful and interesting.  Happy teaching!

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